5 Once in A Lifetime Experiences in Africa

Africa is comparable to a treasure island. It offers more than just the mesmerizing views, sights, and experiences but also learnings that changes lives of travelers for the better. Most people get to know themselves better, or even learn to stop addiction or vices while doing overland. As traveling is one way to see the world in a different perspective, here are the five places in Africa that will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience.

Mount Kilimanjaro Hike

Climbing the highest mountain in Africa is not an easy feat. This trip makes it even more memorable to climb the famous destination that ranges over 19,000 feet above the sea level. There are approximately 40,000 attempts less than half who succeed annually. It is no wonder that people still try because of the exceptional views during the ascent, across each fertile savannah and abundant wildlife. This adventure allows you to experience four different seasons in a day, from the luscious vegetation to the snow covered peak. Other than the feeling of great accomplishment, the struggle to reach the peak safely is a life changing experience that is for sure worth to be shared.

Malawi in Amazing Backpacking Trip

The stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife parks, and the most beautiful inland lake in Malawi makes it among interesting locations to visit in the heart of Africa. The lake of Cape Maclear to the elephants of Vwaza Marsh foot, or even the trek up the mountains of Mulanje make the adventure special. The wildlife offers an enormous number of animals that are one of their kind. It is a very peaceful place and features a sanctuary to rekindle your relationship with yourself and with nature with only the most affordable budget. On top of it all, Malawi gives a home to one of the friendliest locals on Earth.

Uganda Super Safari Getaway

The vast treasure hidden in Uganda is very evident within each national parks that cradles the most extensive variety of animals especially apes. The great sites include the Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, and Queen Elizabeth National Parks. The smooth boat ride will bring you to the next level of enjoyment at the Murchison Falls National Park. It boasts several species of Hippos, birdlife, and enormous Nile crocodiles. There are approximately 12 species of apes such as the Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Blue Monkey, Red Colobus, and Olive Baboon to see at the Kibale Forest National Park.

Cape Town Whale Watching

The whales provide extreme delight as they appear in their traditional territories. You can enjoy watching the Southern Right whales, Humpback whales, and Bryde whales. The perfect spot is along the False Bay, Hermanus, or at the Cape Aghulhus. The marine wildlife is as impressive as the Cape waters. It aims to provide once in a lifetime experience for the close encounters with the amazing animals.

Swakopmund Fishing Delight

The amazing wildlife in Africa is also very much evident in the waters of Namibia. While on a fishing boat or shore, you can enjoy catching kabeljou, black tail, galjoen, catfish, and even sharks. The other fishes can be kept. However, the sharks must be released. The enormous space to go fishing ranges from 8 to 120 kilometers alongside the coast.


These are just five of the once in a lifetime experience that you can engage in while in Africa. The list is endless, and you can always build your list with the vast choices of tours. This way you can open yourself to the overwhelming joy of traveling. This is the treasure island that not many have discovered yet, but you have.

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