Baby day tour advice

9 Things not to forget when taking a day tour with children

In a time when the world seems to be obsessed with packing light for day tours and getting rid of possessions in general, we can assume that such people have absolutely no idea what it means to travel with children or take day tours with a child, of any age. Yes, it would be truly amazing to head off out into the world with your child, carrying little more than a backpack and flowery sunhat but parenthood changes all of that and being a mom means you need to be prepared as often as possible which is rarely more the case than when you leave the home for a day tour.

What to pack for a day tour with children?

Day tour with children

We assume that you have all of your own packing done already? Here’s a packing list for your baby/toddler/child and some items you should absolutely not forget to take with you on a day tour with a child:

  1. Diapers, bags, wipes and creams

It’s wise to take at least 8 diapers for during the day tour and likewise to have a packet of wipes to hand. And then there are the plastic bags for used diapers. However, please keep in mind that if you take a flight somewhere during this time that you ensure the cream you have is no larger than 100g (4 oz) to comply with airline regulations.

  1. Spare clothes for the baby

Hopefully you remember to pack clothes for yourself when travelling with children but whatever you do, make sure you have a change of clothes for the little one/s. On adventure day tours, you can expect to be outdoors in the elements at times and this means one thing for parents – dirty muddy children.

  1. Stroller/Car seat

You will most likely need a stroller at some point on a day tour but maybe check with the operator in case it is not suitable. Same applies for the car seat, if they take children on the tours, they may already have one.

  1. Dummy and bottles

Where would be without them? Pacifiers are something you can never have too many of and make sure they are somewhere easy to reach. As with the diapers, you should have more than enough bottles to see you through the tour and afterward – 3 should be fine.

  1. Formula, snacks, container and cup

Having powdered formula ready to use in a plastic condiment is extremely useful and then having something fresh for the little one to eat will usually be needed. Try to get used to carrying containers when you travel anywhere at all, they are convenient, save any potential mess and keep you organized. Same applies for having a cup on hand, being able to use a cup with a snap-on lid is a lifesaver.

Baby day tour advice

  1. Baby spoon, fork, bib and food

Again the food is best kept in a plastic container (Take as much food as possible – more than you think you will need) but obviously you make sure to have the right baby plastic utensils as these are something you won’t replace on the go.

  1. Medication

Yes, that means aspirin for your long day and then any medication for the little one. A nose aspirator and thermometer are also great to have in case you are worried about the child’s temperature.

  1. Entertainment

It’s always useful to have small toys or book on hand which can be the perfect distraction, in the same way as it is when at home. Maybe take a phone/iPod or laptop with movies or several of your child’s favorite books. We do realize you need to carry all of this but having as much of these as possible is ideal, especially if you need to travel to and from the day tour.

  1. Blanket and cuddly toy

What better way than to send your toddler off to sleep at the end of the day than with their favorite blanket and softest cuddly toy. Have it ready at all time in case they drift away, you just never know how lucky you might get after the best day tour.

Stay tuned to our blog and check out the homepage for all the best day tours around the world you can take with children.

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