Backpacking Malawi: One of the last unspoiled places in Africa

You have a government wanting to build a road through the Serengeti and a your agency on every corner of Arusha – civilization has already  caught up with most Africa and It’s only a matter of time before it happens elsewhere.

But where to visit in Africa that’s a little less touristy and a little more primitive? Enter Malawi.

What is Backpacking Malawi like?

It’s becoming more common by the day and is there any wonder why this is the case? Backpacking Malawi is relatively easy and takes no real experience or know how. As with anywhere in the world, you simply put together a packing list and arrive with a phone as your guide book. Why a phone? SIM cards and data are cheap in Malawi and you can Google your way from one travel destination to the next if needs be.

Why are there still so few people travelling Malawi?

God knows but maybe it’s because Lilongwe is expensive to fly into and the trip down from east Africa or Zambia/South Africa makes it a little more difficult to reach. Just  be happy about this, Malawi travel is easy once you get there and there will be a lot less tourists here than most other parts of Africa.


What makes backpacking Malawi so good?

It’s primitive and less spoiled than other places, you can encounter a very real or authentic side of the continent here while getting to know the friendly locals. Despite it being so primitive, it is also quite small and easy to find your way around. And then there are the attractions themselves, around the lake it is full of activities from boat trips in Cape McClear to kayaking at senga bay, scuba diving in Nkhata bay to horseriding in Kande Beach.

How can you find your way around Malawi?

Maps are fine and so too is asking locals for direction but in a time when GPS is so common, you won’t have any trouble backpacking Malawi.

How can you find activities and Day Tours in Malawi?

An easy way to find Malawi day tours is through search engines or by checking out the wide range of things to do on a day tours website in Africa. Everything is online nowadays, you don’t need to spend too much time planning when it’s all so readily available.

Backpacking Malawi

Is Malawi safe to travel?

Absolutely, in fact the only threat is that the locals might kill you with kindness!

Backpacking Malawi will become more and more popular as time goes by and other destinations become more crowded so get there before theres any chance that the same might happen here. Friendly and scenic, you could enjoy a week on the Lake or maybe an extended time backpacking Malawi to explore all the best day tours but either way, It’s an experience you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

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