Railway in Shimla

Taking a rail journey to Shimla in Northern India

Also known as “Simla”, the capital of Himachal Pradesh at the foot of the impressive Himalayan Mountains in Northern India was once a major summer destination during British colonial times and now an incredibly popular hillside resort for locals yearning for a quick getaway. Although the standard varies, Hotel Surya Shimla is one of the […]

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Is Africa Safe To Travel Alone?

The friendliness, humor, and broad smiles of the locals greet you in the most beautiful places in Africa. There is no other place where you can feel this safe together with the light atmosphere around them. Knowing where to go and what to do also increase your safety while traveling. Being in a tourist friendly […]

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Why Malawi Is the Next Big Backpacking Destination

Low-cost expenses, unusual wildlife, countless destinations are among the top reasons why Malawi attracts numerous solo travelers in the world. These are the reasons why it is not surprising how this haven tops among the next big backpacking destinations. Here are some of the highlights of Malawi getaway that you need to see.   Incredible […]

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5 Once in A Lifetime Experiences in Africa

Africa is comparable to a treasure island. It offers more than just the mesmerizing views, sights, and experiences but also learnings that changes lives of travelers for the better. Most people get to know themselves better, or even learn to stop addiction or vices while doing overland. As traveling is one way to see the […]

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5 Unique Things To Do in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Embossed within the eastern, fruitful side of Africa and one of the UNESCO World Heritage that exudes intact townscapes and urban fabric, the Stone Town in Zanzibar promises a perfect adventure in Tanzania. The breathtakingly beautiful buildings reflect the vast cultural heritage which time built together among African, Indian, Arab, and European influences. Every step […]

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Overlanding Cape Town to Cairo

    The wild animal encounters, exotic cultures, stunning beaches, and dramatic landscapes utterly define the continent of Africa. Travelling from Cape Town to Cairo is the most popular backpacking trail. If you are ever wondering how you can get around the area, there are many sorts of transportations in Africa. Throughout the trip, the […]

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Girl’s Guide to Solo Travelling in Africa

    Africa is a mystical continent and being a girl does not make it impossible to travel solo here. People in Africa are one of the most generous and hospitable around the world. The best part of travelling alone is you can easily hang out with them and immerse yourself to their culture. A […]

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Malawi Culture

Is Malawi the next major travel destination in Africa?

Located on the serenely beautiful lake itself, Malawi culture is present and it is still a relatively primitive country in comparison with some of the more advanced neighbors such as Zambia and Tanzania, but why is it less traveled than these places and what do the others have that you cannot find here? Malawi is […]

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Arusha Day Tours

How to choose the right tour operator in Arusha

When I first arrived in Africa (2008), the online world had no real impact in terms of online bookings or travel in general. Aside from booking flights to Africa or possibly hotels, everything was to be organized on location. Thing is, finding an operator who offers day tours in a place such as Arusha was […]

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Step back in time for high tea at Elsamere (Lake Naivasha)

Unless you were born in the last few minutes, you must surely know about the best thing to do in Naivasha and have heard of “Born Free” or Elsa the Lion? Maybe George and Joy Adamson? Okay, well in the 1960’s while on a scouting trip in Kenya, George Adamson shot and killed a lioness […]

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