Backpacking Malawi: One of the last unspoiled places in Africa

You have a government wanting to build a road through the Serengeti and a your agency on every corner of Arusha – civilization has already  caught up with most Africa and It’s only a matter of time before it happens elsewhere. But where to visit in Africa that’s a little less touristy and a little […]

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How to get the Ferry to Zanzibar

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome to Dar es Salaam, the dusty, humid, populated capital of the Tanzanian coast. Now, would you like to get out of here? Below is a listing of the Ferry times to Zanzibar and some basic information on what to expect: Where is the Ferry port in Dar? Make your […]

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Horseriding in Malawi (Kande Beach)

When you think of Malawi in Africa, the prospect of horse riding is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, when you check out the incredible variety of things to do in Kande Beach in particular, you will quickly realise the great appeal of horseriding in Malawi. Set in a beautiful ranch amidst the forest […]

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Kande BEach

Day tours in Kande Beach

Just a short drive south of Nkhata Bay in Malawi, you will find the beautiful Kande Beach – a resort like spot where camping is possible, overland trucks are common and many activities away. Yes, if you are hoping for local experiences in Malawi then you can easily find them just outside the main gate […]

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About Day Tourz

Book the Sunset Cruise in Zanzibar

As someone who prefers to wake early in the mornings to enjoy the outdoors, I’m not one to advocate a boozy night out. However, I will on the odd occasion make an exception to this rule and one of these is most certainly the incredibly guns and unique sunset cruise on Zanzibar (which is also […]

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boat tour

Video: Baby Hippo protects mother from a lion

Everyone loves a good hero story and the following video is exactly that. Its also not often you see a hippo chasing a lion or a baby hippo at that ! A lucky group of tourists witnessed this incredible scene this week on a day tour to Kruger National Park when they happened across an […]

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day tours in Africa

We show you all the best day tours in Africa

Travelling through the Dark Continent is hard enough without having to spend hours trying to figure out the best day tours in Africa. In fact, many people who arrive will find out the hard way that the only real option is to rely on the lodge receptionist to know everything about the area, the excursions […]

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