Horseriding in Malawi (Kande Beach)

When you think of Malawi in Africa, the prospect of horse riding is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, when you check out the incredible variety of things to do in Kande Beach in particular, you will quickly realise the great appeal of horseriding in Malawi.
Set in a beautiful ranch amidst the forest near Kande Beach, your horse riding day your begins in safe and professional surroundings before continuing onward into the nearby villages. Excited children with smiling parents go past with a fusion of smell and sights. Taking a horseback safari in Malawi is like none other and never is this more apparent than when you reach the beach at Lake Malawi and go for a swim on top of the horse.
Unique and affordable this one of the best day tours in malawi and indeed, possibly the best day tour in Kande Beach. At this point the only question is, should you go for one hour or two? We recommend two.
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