Why Malawi Is the Next Big Backpacking Destination

Low-cost expenses, unusual wildlife, countless destinations are among the top reasons why Malawi attracts numerous solo travelers in the world. These are the reasons why it is not surprising how this haven tops among the next big backpacking destinations. Here are some of the highlights of Malawi getaway that you need to see.


Incredible Lake Malawi

This heart of the country creates a perfect illusion of an ocean with its tides and beaches. It even received names including Lake of Stars. The twinkling lanterns of the fishermen as they fish at night gives an illusion of stars. Here the fun activities never stop with scuba diving. As part of the Great Rift Valley, the underwater scenery competes among the most spectacular landscapes of the world. The Lake of Stars Festival also take place in Mangochi, which hosts among the most famous African Musicians.


Marvelous Wildlife in Liwonde National Park

Among the less crowded national parks in the Southern and Eastern Africa is the Liwonde National Park. It sits on the Shire River where you can take it by land or by boat. There is an astonishing animal sighting. At every meter, you will be amazed at herd of elephants, hippopotamus, antelopes, birds, and crocodiles. Other parks are also up for exploration including the Majete Wildlife Reserve, Nyika National Park, and Kuti Wildlife Reserve.


Unforgettable Mountain Hike

The hiking avenues of Malawi may not be as high as that of the Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya but will totally invite you for a challenge. There are different available routes which range from easy to difficult. This way you will not only get to enjoy the beauty of nature but also unravel the mysteries each mountain offers for backpackers. The Zomba Mastiff is another fantastic site where you can drive up and down with spectacular views and bird sightings.


Unique Sunsets at Malawi

Malawi is another word for the Flames of Fire. This beauty is very evident as there are no two sunsets which are ever the same. Malawi offers among the most spectacular and breathtaking sunset every single day. This feat is also supported in the local Chichewa language. True enough, the best things in life are free, and that includes the Malawinian sunsets.


Heartwarming Cause for Volunteerism

Malawi is also a great place to practice the spirit of volunteerism of every backpacker. This range form visiting orphanage, teaching them lessons, or planting trees. Among the most popular is the mobile library to enhance the reading and comprehension of the students. It is awesome to visit villages and reach out to children or adults who want to learn. Volunteering is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the true beauty of Africa. Apparently, the treasure of Africa does not only lie on its amazing sights, wildlife, or low cost of living but also within each of the locals.


Visit Malawi

There are plenty of reasons that create a good impact on the potential of Malawi as the next favorite destination of backpackers. It offers more experience at the cheapest expense and safety is not questionable. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know yourself while traveling in the most beautiful places on the planet. Malawi must definitely be part of your next travel destinations this year.



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