Malawi Culture

Is Malawi the next major travel destination in Africa?

Located on the serenely beautiful lake itself, Malawi culture is present and it is still a relatively primitive country in comparison with some of the more advanced neighbors such as Zambia and Tanzania, but why is it less traveled than these places and what do the others have that you cannot find here?

Malawi is a unique destination

Thing is, there is very little in Africa in general that you cannot find replicated in some way in Malawi. Okay the wildlife reserves may not be as plentiful or spectacular as elsewhere but actually, due to there being so few visitors it can be an even greater all round experience to visit them. What do I mean? Take the Serengeti in peak season, you will encounter tour guides/drivers having arguments over positioning and what we refer to as a “Serengeti traffic jam” whereas in Malawi, you should have the entire place and experience to yourself. Malawi is also known for the friendly locals and laid back vibe, in fact there are few places so chilled as on the shores of Lake Malawi.



Increased Tourism and Malawi Culture

Yes, tourism has increased and so too has the rise in popularity of tours, with a large number of volunteers becoming more interested in Malawi Day Tours in particular. I feel this is mostly because people want something different now when they visit Africa and in a time when technology is consuming the western world, visitors to Africa are finding more value when it comes to experiencing Malawi Culture. Now, you may think that every part of Africa has a culture and that is true but Malawi Culture is so unique in that it is still relatively untouched. In fact, you can find Malawi culture still thriving in the most touristy resorts around the lake which makes it so easy for visitors to experience “real Africa”.

Small and easy to get around, this small country is a haven for backpacking where transport is relatively easy to use and cheap too. Friendly and charismatic, the people are forever inspiring locals with their positive vibe and stunning panoramas are always on offer. There is little to wonder about when it comes to this country’s rise in popularity but I suspect the Malawi culture is very much at the heart of the reason why.

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