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The wild animal encounters, exotic cultures, stunning beaches, and dramatic landscapes utterly define the continent of Africa. Travelling from Cape Town to Cairo is the most popular backpacking trail. If you are ever wondering how you can get around the area, there are many sorts of transportations in Africa. Throughout the trip, the immeasurable natural reserves, thrilling safaris, and other wonders set an unforgettable escapade experience.

Although travelling may appear daunting or even difficult for travellers, the gripping experiences prove worth every sweat while on the following modes of transportation:

Public Buses

Going on a bus ride in Africa is more fun that it looks. This actually gives you a chance to witness the locals’ every lives. The scenario inside these fun buses is the atmosphere of laughter and conversations of locals who, known for kindness, make sure that tourists are comfortable. Amusingly, the children sit to their care, especially when some would be standing up or hanging outside the buses. These public transportations usually cost around $3-$32. Travelling across borders with good sealed roads means it takes a longer journey. However, ancient buses frequently break down when there are fewer sealed roads.


With many of the out-out-the –way destinations, the trucks are usually most reliable. Most trucks carry goods, but as drivers try to earn more they provide rooms for passengers. One may opt to be on top of the cargo, and spots that are more expensive are available inside the cab. Take precautions against the sun and the sun by taking the mat with you. Take note that trucks are slower than buses. If you are going to travel longer, bring food and water.

Overland Tours

These are usually organised tours for short-term travellers who want a hassle-free sightseeing. For solo travellers, this can be the best option especially when you are a little intimidated while travelling on your own. Overland tours can cost a little more but it usually includes food, transport, and accommodation. During overland tours, the knowledgeable guides and safe drivers are there for harsh road conditions and the groups can be a great fun. Be wary of the tours, which put you in contact with animals such as cheetah petting, elephant riding, or lion walks because these are immediate red flags. Africa is very strict about these kinds of activities, as well as for your own safety. Be sure to pick the ones like Kenya Day Tours where the local guides and itineraries are well-defined.

Mini Vans

People find it amazing how Africa finds ways to define the limit of people who can fit inside a minivan. Using this mode of transportation is a very cheap way to get around. The fare usually cost $0.20 to $8. It would usually take up to 6 hours of travelling along the country. These minivans do not usually leave until they are full so make sure you jump into one, which looks ready to go to avoid waiting for hours to fill it up. Interestingly, when it is almost full, they have people standing n the wind sill just to accommodate their travel needs.

Car Renting

This is probably the most expensive way to travel around on your own. It will also require you to know which game parks you want to reach or where the best viewing areas are. It is highly recommended to make a plan beforehand so you can cut down the fuel expenses. Experiencing the beautiful Garden Route and the scenic South African Coast can also be better when inside a hired car. Passing by safaris in Namibia and Southern Africa makes for relaxed, comfortable, and flexible safari. The price ranges from $30 to $100 a day. If you plan to travel in the long term, you may also opt to buy your own 4-wheel drive or motorcycle to tour the entire continent. The best place to purchase is in South Africa or look for any departing traveller who is ready to sell their car.

Hitch Hiking

Hitchhiking may sound risky, but it is an easy way to get around Africa. Remember that sticking out your thumb shows rudeness in this continent. Better, wave your hand up and down to get the attention of a passing car. Stay on one side of the road too, not in the middle. If the transportation is limited, this is one of the best ways to go. Usually, more people tend to hitchhike in Namibia and South Africa, as compared to other East African countries.

Train Ride

Another way to get around Africa is by train. Although South Africa has a lot of train tracks, most are not currently in use. Increasing numbers of populations rely on the highway systems and sealed roads. In some major cities, the train stations range from luxury to cheap. Some are comfortable, safe, and make stops along the way. The fare may be as low as $28.


Cycling around the rural Africa is as safe as travelling anywhere in North America or Europe. Most of the time you can leave your bike outside shops, use it to stroll around the village, or hike to see the waterfalls, and you will see your belongings untouched. However, be wary of mega cities Dakar, Lagos, and Johannesburg, as they are tagged as the dangerous places. The roads are rough but with practice, you would be able to navigate through the rock-speckled roads and muddy tracks. Although the wildlife may look daunting, they are not dangerous unless you do something that will upset them. Make sure to clear off for the elephants and buffalos as well.
Having known that there are numerous ways of getting around Africa, you can better plan your travel adventure. Consider the budget and safety interests. Public transport for backpackers is cheap and authentic but is less comfortable and safe. Then, buying your own car is expensive but it gives you more freedom and a more authentic experience. Other ways to travel also range from cheap to luxurious. Always remember that no matter how you get around this wonderful continent, it will always be purely memorable.

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