Treasures and Tut 1 Day Tour

What’s a holiday in Cairo without a moment high back again to historical Egypt? This Cairo journey takes you eventually from the modern-day roads of the town to the historical secrets of the The red sea Art gallery. You’ll walk past Cairo’s present symbols, like the new Safari House and Freedom Rectangle, the site of […]

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Egyptian Snorkel Adventure 1 Day Tour

The red sea might have some of the most famous on-land attractions, but did you know that there’s so much to see below its rich waters as well? Band on your snorkel for this The red sea trip full of marine discovery with a snorkel information at Ras Mohamed Nationwide Recreation place. This snorkel trip […]

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Downtown Cairo Half Day Tour

We’ll start our Cairo trip at New Safari Rectangle in Zamalek, twisting our way through Cairo’s historical and the past, growing, fittingly, at Old Safari Rectangle near Attaba. From the city’s most wonderful link comprising the Globe, we’ll head towards Freedom Rectangle, which organised many activities during this year’s Egypt Trend, and is an important […]

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Pyramids Adventure Half Day Tour

The Giza Level is a development of three pyramids, where a dad, son, and grand son designed their afterlife tombs and planned their trips to the afterlife. It’s still a bit of strange as to how the pyramids were designed and how lengthy they took to finish, but there’s no doubt that the pyramids still […]

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Saqqara and Memphis 1 Day Tour

Situated roughly 30 km southern of modern-day Cairo, Saqqara is a huge, traditional funeral floor in The red sea with the world’s earliest status phase chart. It’s the first quit on our day trip from Cairo, and certainly is a remarkable way to start the day. Created by Imhotep for Master Djoser (c.2667-2648 BC), the […]

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Islamic Cairo in Depth Half Day Tour

Our Islamic Cairo town trip starts with a trip to the Citadel of Salah Ed-Din. Situated on top of top of Cairo, the Citadel features spectacular opinions of the town. Built by the Arabic idol Salah ad-Din, the Citadel mainly operated as a army garrison, as well as being a elegant property for over 700 […]

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hole in desert

Matamir to Nawamis: Sinai Desert Camel Trek 1 Day Tour

You’ll be grabbed at your Dahab resort for a 1.5 hour trip to the wasteland, punctuated with prevents for evil picture ops (the opinions are fairly incredible). Observe as the landscapes changes from marble hill range to start up wasteland, where our The red sea experience truly starts. Meet your Bedouin cameleers and begin your […]

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Egyptian Desert Experience 1 Day Tour

We’ll take a break here for a bite to eat, but not just any bite to eat! You’ll be invited into a local home for some authentic Bedouin food. We’ll take a nice relaxing breather from all the history, and get to know some local culture through the Bedouin people and their cuisine. Sit back […]

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Dahab Discover Dive 1 Day Tour

Your Dahab jump trip begins on the area, in a seaside classroom where you’ll learn the fundamentals before going for it in the Red Sea. You’ll get an appropriate session in jump protection and process (pay interest, there will be a quiz!), and your expert PADI trainer will educate you everything you need to know […]

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Desert Adventure 1 Day Tour from Dahab (4 x 4 Safari)

Delve deep into the desert with the Bedouin side of Egypt on this 4×4 adventure 1-day tour from Dahab. After being picked up at 8 am, you will travel  Northwest into the desert. Following this drive, you will have your first stop to explore the local environment and there are several more photo stops which follow […]

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