Giza Day Tour

Memphis Sakkara Citadel and Mohamed Ali Mosque Day Tour from Giza

Where You’ll Go Discover Memphis, Sakkara on this Giza Day Tour along with the Citadel of Saladin and Mohamed Ali Mosque. This day tour from Giza investigates Egypt’s early past and Islamic tradition. Walk through the remains of a majestic town, trip past mysterious sphinxes into holy temples and observe the tombs and unique monuments at […]

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Luxor Day Tour

Dendarah Half Day Tour from Luxor

Where You’ll Go Visit one of a kind on this Luxor Day Tour, the Ptolemaic temple devoted to the Goddess of Love, Hathour. It is the single place of worship in Egypt, which Portrays Cleapatra and her son.   What You’ll See / Experience Dandara is located at the north of Luxor; it is distant […]

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Saint Catherine’s Monastery Half Day Tour from Dahab

Where You’ll Go St. Catherine’s Monastery which is the smallest dioceses and the oldest Christian Monastery in the world still active and a UNESCO World Heritage place. It furthermore houses an affluent compilation of icons and valuable manuscripts. Spend half day in this exceptional remarkable place.   What You’ll See / Experience Enjoy a trip […]

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Saint Catherine and White Canyon Day Tour from Dahab

Where You’ll Go Visit a renowned Orthodox St. Catherine Monastery on this full day Jeep expedition from Dahab. Walk through well-known White Canyon and have a Bedouin dine in Ain Khudra Oasis. Enjoy a day tour outside the jostle and buzz of the town. Walk back in era on a history.   What You’ll See […]

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Cairo Day Tour

Memphis and Dahshur Day Tour from Cairo

Where You’ll Go Enjoy a lovely private trip to explore the Giza complex and the Egyptian museum. What You’ll See / Experience Highlights include three pyramids for the father, the son and the grandson, the sphinx, Valley Temple and Causeway of King Chephren, The tombs of the princesses, the nobles and the two timber solar […]

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aswan day tour

Nubian Village Day Tour from Aswan

Where You’ll Go Go excursion to Aswan and Suhail Island to meet the Nubian culture. Explore Nubian people and gain insights about their Nubian history, traditions and way of life. The tour is carried out via a motor boat of a felucca conditional on the climate circumstances and tides in the Nile. What You’ll See […]

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mount sinai

Mount Sinai Climb (St Catherine) Day Tour from Sharm el Sheikh

Where You’ll Go Discover Mount Sinai to ascend the mount and observe the sunrise sight from one of the peak points in Sinai. What You’ll See / Experience This mount tour is a bus outing to the most renowned mountain on Sinai. Moses received the Ten Commandments here. Hike the 3-hour climb of 2,285m up […]

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sphinx day tour

Great Pyramids and Sphinx Half Day Tour from Cairo

Where You’ll Go Observe the Giza Pyramids and Great Sphinx on this private trip from Cairo or Giza. Take an air-conditioned minivan trip to the Giza Plateau and wander around the 3 pyramids, the very last left behind Ancient Wonder of the World.   What You’ll See / Experience Stare at the huge Great Pyramid […]

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Tiran Island Day Tour from Sharm El Sheikh

Where You’ll Go Tiran Island is situated at the doorway of the Straits of Tiran, which disconnects the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba. What You’ll See / Experience Tiran Island is well-known as one of the most excellent diving spots in the world. Snorkel and enjoy good lunch and soft drinks. 3 stops […]

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Ancient Cairo Day Tour including Lunch

Where You’ll Go Old Cairo is also well-known as the Cairo Coptic (Christian and Islamic). Tourist attractions of this full day tour consist of Citadel of Saladin, Alabaster Mosque, Mohamed Ali Pasha Palace, Mosques of Sultan Hassan, Al-Rifai, Churches of Hanging, St Sergio’s, St. Barbara; Ben Ezra and Lunch incorporated in the charge. What You’ll […]

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