Crater Lake Walking Safari Day Tour in Lake Naivasha

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Where You’ll Go

This Naivasha Day Tour to Crater Lake can be taken in one day tour from Nairobi or simply a tour from a campsite in Lake Naivasha itself.

What You’ll See / Experience

Marveling at exotic wildlife in a Maasai Mara safari is a beautiful thing but nothing can compare to witnessing it on a walking safari in Africa. Whether it be the vulnerability or the pureness of it all, nothing can replicate the feeling whilst standing next to giraffe feeding among the trees, a buffalo resting in the long grass or a family of warthogs rummaging through the bush; Africa day tours are full of delightful encounters and there is no better way to experience them, than on foot.

Crater Lake itself is a beautiful and unique sight, filled with hippos and surrounded by a myriad of bird life, but the Crater Lake day tour is all about the journey, and what an adventure it is. While you can find hippos or bird life around most of Lake Naivasha, the crater lake walk will let you get up close and personal with the big game and see the local habitat from a new perspective. True, there is something about this walk that will put you on edge, but that is because this is a real local experience on a trail through a very real part of Africa.

Your guide for this Naivasha Day Tour to Crater Lake is usually Simon Mutua, a young local who has been assisting tourists for many years in finding the real local experiences in the Naivasha area. Yes, he can also organize a day tour to Hells Gate National Park or a trip to hike Mount Longonot nearby but really, the Crater Lake tour is his favourite and he is always enthusiastic to welcome tourists to his part of the world, where he can showcase this wonderful habitat in the most unique way possible.

When You’ll Go

This can easily be organized as a day tour from Nairobi or from Naivasha itself but either way, if you do walk Crater Lake you are sure to experience one of the very best local experiences in Africa.

The African walking safari will last for approximately 3 hours and all transport is provided along with a tour guide.


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