Gorillas and Chimps 5 Day Tour from Kampala

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Where You’ll Go

Kibale forest National Park is a big secluded block of tropical rain forest which has the maximum quantity of apes (approximately 12 species) in Africa for instance Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Olive Baboon, Blue Monkey, Red Tailed monkey and Red Colobus. Discover beautiful lush green, magnificent Rwenzori mountain range and mountainous picturesque landscapes of Uganda through the route of significant city of historic Fort Portal.

What You’ll See / Experience

The bird life in the Kibale forest is abundant too and includes the attractive Great Blue Turaco. Explore savannah lowlands and watch banana farms and herds of Ankole livestock well-known for their unbelievably lengthy horns. Climb Kigezi highlands also referred as the “Switzerland of Africa” and enjoy terraced agricultural and mountain landscape. 2-3 hours Bigodi swamp walk guides you through lowland, tiny communities in addition to several stunning landscape, where the locals are possibly to welcome you with wholehearted waves.

Bwindi Park is a superb green sheathe of opaque rainforest and lately announced World Heritage Site. Enjoy amazing sights and natural vibes of the forest, ample of exceptional wildlife and spectacular mountain scenery. Bwindi has nearly 400 Gorillas and dense bushes, vines, other undergrowth and mysterious ambiance makes impenetrable just awesome. The ecstasy of watching these mild and rare giants is an overwhelming and exhilarating incident to be cherished for lifetime.

When You’ll Go

5-Days Gorilla and Chimps Safari normally heads off from the hotels of Entebbe or Kampala, Uganda. It is suggested to carry rain coat and warm jacket for protection as Bwindi is a rainforest.

What’s include

  • Watch wildlife closely in its natural territory.
  • Souvenir photographs available for purchase.



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