Highland Trekking to Lasta Mountains Day Tour

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Where You’ll Go

Witness the lively experience of the authentic Ethiopian culture as you hike along one of the unique spots in the world. Explore the deepest parts and fantastic sceneries of the Lasta mountains. This fantastic  Highland Trekking to Lasta Mountain Day Tour welcomes you among the vast fields of exciting culture.

The Lasta Mountains above Lalibela features different kinds of hiking experience where you can visit the monastery Asheten Maryam, or the Cave Church of Yemrehane Kristos. Bring the friendliest tour guides and your best gears with you as you experience a trip of a lifetime. You can also bring a donkey with you to help carrying bags.

What You’ll See / Experience

This Highland Trekking to Lasta Mountains Day Tour highlights the flexible itinerary to experience the wonderful wildlife. From the beautiful Lasta Mountains, with its fantastic views, you can also discover hidden church Emekina Medhane Alem. Great interaction with the Ethiopian Highlander Farmers also welcomes guests into their daily activities. The perfect combination of trekking makes it among the best choices from the Ethiopia Day Tours.

This Highland Trekking to Lasta Mountains Day Tour takes flexible hours to finish depending on the preferred itinerary. Food and bottled water may be provided with an own cook joining the trip. This tour starts at 7 am. Get to see the birds, eagles, and bearded vultures of the Lalibela haven.

When You’ll Go

This Highland Trekking to Lasta Mountains Day Tour starts at 7 am.

  • Span: Flexible
  • Pick up area: Lalibela hotels and accommodations
  • Pickup time: 7 am
  • Drop off area: Lalibela hotels and accommodations


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