Mount Kenya African Safari 12 Day Tour

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Where You’ll Go

Starting out in Nairobi, this 12-day tour of Kenya is the perfect mix of cultural experiences, wildlife, and outdoor adventure. You have the option to take a pre-trip safari into the Masaai Mara before taking a journey to volcanic craters, National Parks and the highest mountain in Kenya.

What You’ll See / Experience

Traveling north of Nairobi, we will spend a night in Suswa Conservation with the Maasai where you have the opportunity to trek to the might volcanic crater nearby. Afterward, our tour will continue onward to the beautiful Lake Naivasha and there are many activities over the course of these few days including a chance to ride a bicycle through Hells Gate National Park, a walking safari in Crater Lake NP and a visit to nearby Elsamere for high tea.

Nakuru and Lake Nakura National Park are next up where we will spend one day on safari in this beautiful park. Nakura NP is known as the best opportunity to see the endangered rhino in East Africa but the park is also home to many other animals including lion and the elusive leopard.

From here, we will start our journey to a small town near Mount Kenya and prepare for the trek of a lifetime. Encompassing many different landscapes across five days, the Chogoria route is not only a trail or a passage but rather a personal journey in the very heart of Africa. After five days trekking, we will reach Lenana Point where the vista of a lifetime awaits our small group.

Kenya, Africa and the rest of the world can look very different from 5,199 meters above sea level. It’s never easy reaching Lenana point but there is something special about the heart of rural Kenya which makes the grind of this climb so important. Stopping at multiple ridges and peaks along the way, you will encounter unforgettable panoramas of the African plains and possibly the wildlife too, for this part of Kenya is also home to some of the most famous of the Big Five.


When You’ll Go

This 12-day tour starts in Nairobi, Kenya on 10th August 2018.

  • Length: 12 Days
  • Meeting Point:  Airport pick-up or meet in in Millimani Guesthouse at 7am.
  • Departure time: 8AM
  • Tour end point: Millimani Guesthouse, Nairobi.


Day 1 – Nairobi to Mt Suswa

We spend a morning exploring Nairobi before traveling to Mount Suswa Conservation for an overnight stay in Masaai territory.

Day 2 – Mount Suswa Volcano to Lake Naivasha

We spend a morning exploring the Mara before traveling to Mount Suswa Conservation for an overnight stay in Masaai territory.

Day 3 – Lake Naivasha – Cycling in Hells Gate National Park (Overnight Hells Gate)

In the morning we travel to the volcanic crater in the company of a Maasai and witness the absolute majesty of this spectacular crater. In the afternoon we move onward past Mt Longonot to Lake Naivasha for two nights.

Day 4 – Lake Naivasha

Day 5 – Nakuru

Day 6 – Lake Nakura NP

Day 7 – Nakuru to Sirimon

Day 8 – Mount Kenya

Day 9 – Mount Kenya

Day 10 – Mount Kenya

Day 11 – Mount Kenya

Day 12 – Nanyuki to Nairobi



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