Parasailing Day Tour Experience in Zanzibar City

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Where You’ll Go

Indulge into this once in a lifetime experience of the most thrilling activity. This amazing delight is fit for anyone from 7 to 80 years of age. Explore and fly to get a better view of the fantastic sights around the sandy beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa.

This heart-stopping day tour brings romantic travels to a higher level of adventure. On top of that, it is perfectly safe and you can land wholesomely dry from this tour. No jumping or running required, put your best foot forward and conquer one of the best Zanzibar Day Tours in land and seas.

What You’ll See / Experience

This Parasailing Day Tour Experience in Zanzibar City will take you 300 meters in the air to witness the most amazing views of the coral reefs together with their brilliant colors. The safety harness ensures safety and ultimate comfort.

From above, the tropical trees among the resorts will also add enthusiasm on the air. This adventure begins as you are flight seated right on the back platform of the boat. The harness is attached to the boat. When the boat accelerates, the rope is slowly released to bring you up in the air.

When You’ll Go

This Parasailing Day Tour Experience in Zanzibar City starts anytime.

  • Span: Flexible
  • Pick up area: hotel near Zanzibar City
  • Pickup time: Anytime
  • Drop off area: hotel near Zanzibar City


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