7 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Route

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Where You’ll Go

Indulge to the incredible escapade to Africa’s, the Mount Kilimanjaro. With its amazing wildlife and views, your trip will surely be an unforgettable one. This amazing 7 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Route gets you to the top safely and quickly.

The Mount Kilimanjaro is an exciting adventure. There are various routes on this site. Get ready with your best gears and enjoy the easiest route to reach the peak of one of the most famous mountains in the world.

What You’ll See / Experience

The 7 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Route offers the adventure up the breathtaking roof of Africa. This allows you to enjoy the forests, moorlands, and the saddle point on the way to the Kibo Hut. The one of a kind views and the perfect experience of this tour leads it to one of the best choice from the Tanzania Day Tours.

This Kilimanjaro Marangu Route takes 7 days with the help of local guides, cooks, and porters. The tour starts any time you arrive at the area. This tour enables you to get to the peak the fastest way possible with its quick ascent. This tour also provides immense exercise, high altitude hikes, or cycling.


Day 1 – Moshi

The tour will begin at any time you arrive at Moshi. There will be a pre-departure meeting with the local tour guide for the last minute briefing for the trip. The adventures begin at night and explorations are welcome beforehand. However, it is important to get back on time.

Day 2 – Moshi to Mandara Huts

On the second day of the trip, the hike will begin through the forested and lowers slopes to Mandara escarpment. Feel free to settle in and enjoy the scenery on a private vehicle. Walking to the Mandara Hut may take 4-5 hours from the gate. Rain under the canopy is possible in the afternoon. Mandara Hut offers sleeping bunks, running water, and flushable toilet.

Day 3 – Mandara Huts to Horombo Huts

On the third day of adventure, the hike will continue through the heather and moorland zone towards the Horombo Huts. This will reach through the upper rainforest zone to the moorland zone where there are outrageous heights of giant lobelia and giant groundel reaching up to 5 meters. The amazing view of semi-alpine zone’s plants and ravines are delightful to watch. At nightfall, the rest is great at the Horombo Hut.

Day 4 – Horombo Huts to Kibo Huts

Then, the tour proceeds onto the Kilimanjaro Saddle, via a desert like alpine zone before reaching the Kibo Hut. It starts with a slow trek through the heathland and the alpine desert zone. The increase in altitude will slow the pace and allow acclimatization. Rest and preparation are done at the Kibo Hut.

Day 5 – Kibo Huts to Horombo Huts

By the fifth day the tour will continue for a night hike to the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro through the Stella Point. This will allow the appreciation of the beautiful sunrise from Africa’s majestic roof.  The frozen scree slope makes it easier to walk on. The well-deserved rest is then perfect at the Horombo Huts.

Day 6 – Horombo Huts to Moshi

On the sixth day, the tour will proceed with descend from the summit of the Mouth Kilimanjaro. Amazing villages and plantations will welcome en route to Moshi. The hikers who reached the Uhuru Peak will get a summit certificate.

Day 7 –Moshi

This is the departure day and you may leave at any time.

When You’ll Go

This 7 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Route at any time of arrival.

  • Span: 7 Days
  • Pick up area: Moshi
  • Pickup time: Any time of arrival
  • Drop off area: Moshi



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