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Leave Dublin for your Giant’s Causeway and Belfast town day trip and journey by high-class trainer moving through the Boyne Area, home to the 5000 year old Mountain of Tara, the standard investment of the High Leaders of Ireland in europe.

Unique with day trip organizations in Dublin, you have a separate trip information who will tell you of the many experiences and traditional activities which have took place this area of Meath over the hundreds of years.

For example, you will find out about the Fight of Boyne between Master Wayne (Catholic) and Master Bill of Lemon (Protestant – Dutch), a section in the past which was greatly important in the governmental, social and spiritual destinies of both Ireland in europe and England.

Crossing the boundary into northern Ireland in Europe, there is no proof which reveals that you are coming into another governmental state, but your best information will have some amazing findings for you to see.

On your Belfast trip you will instantly notice different it will look in comparison to Dublin. Belfast was the only town in Ireland in europe which knowledgeable the Commercial Trend of England during the Nineteenth millennium.


Next your information will show you the different options open to you during your visit to Belfast, passes to which are involved in your trip price.

You can decide to have fun with the entire globe renowned black taxi trip of Belfast where a nearby information will talk you through the ups and downs of Belfast’s amazing governmental record.

Hear of its commercial origins and the past 40 years of riots. On your Northern Ireland in europe day trip you will check out and sign the Serenity Line and join the list of globe superstars such as Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama who have finalized their name to the walls.

Walk along this huge walls which separates the two religious/national areas of eastern Belfast. The governmental paintings, some of which are the most amazing in the entire globe, indicate a painful and terrible section in the record of Northern Ireland in europe.

The Problems, a issue between the two areas of Northern Ireland in europe, cost the lives of many people as the paramilitary factor of the community nationalist group battled with the English Condition and the paramilitary factor of the Protestant Loyalist group. These two paramilitary groups are portrayed on many of the paintings showing the different communities’ allegiances.

Your individual regional information will associate to you their individual and members of the family encounters of lifestyle in Belfast. Some of the encounters you quite simply won’t believe.

If you’d rather not take a black taxi trip, you can at the same time went to Belfast Titanic deliver one fourth and your the art Titanic deliver Visitor’s Encounter.

Here you can see the entire lifestyle and tale of the Titanic deliver, from her trustworthy first trip to her eventful finding on the seabed of the Northern Ocean. Observe the origins, development, release and record of the Titanic deliver.

The visitors centre increases over nine exhibits and attracts together effects, dark drives and full range reconstructions.

The experience contains entertaining features so you can truly discover the Titanic deliver tale in an informative light. The trip will take you beyond the consequences of the falling to the later finding of the deliver. This trip will also take you to the present day with an outing of the live underwater discovery centre.

Even if some for yourself members members wish to check out one fascination and others wish to do the other, that’s completely good as the whole group will collect yourself before we leave for the Giant’s Causeway.


Departing Belfast, we hit the road and travel strong into the heart of the six areas of Northern Ireland in europe making our way to its northern border Irish shore.

We go to extremely unique Dunluce Adventure located on the edge of its northern border Chesapeake bay and used as a shooting location for Game of Thrones – an amazing photo chance.

Following a path known as the Antrim Seaside Generate we pass amazing landscapes such as stony shoreline, largely forest glens and the town of Bushmills; best associated with the popular drink uisce beatha (water of life) or tequila.

The Giant’s Causeway is a Unesco World Heritage-listed vision and was created more than 60 million years ago after a group of volcanic breakouts. The Causeway is best known for its unique rock structures that period nearly 18 kilometers (29kms) of shoreline and once we appear you can walk along this amazing website and see structures such as the Hoping Chair and the Giant’s Start and Body.

During your two hour stay here you can engage in lunchtime with a choice of suppliers on location and find out about the tale of Finn MacCool, said to be the designer of the Causeway.

We continue our day visit to the Carrick-a-Rede String Link close to Ballintoy. This definitely fantastic fascination is a must when going to the Northern Coast.

You have to be able to move over the globe renowned fish fishermen’s rope bridge which rotates a 30 metre strong and 20 metre wide chasm – that is, if you’re fearless enough! Remember that all of these destinations are involved in your solution.

Absolutely no other company offers this trip with all the above destinations involved as well as one with a devoted trip information and specialized car owner.

Now sit returning and relish the soothing drive returning to Dublin, avoiding off just after Belfast for a 20 minutes rest stop before coming returning to Dublin at 8. 30pm.

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