Treasures and Tut 1 Day Tour

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt (0)
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What’s a holiday in Cairo without a moment high back again to historical Egypt? This Cairo journey takes you eventually from the modern-day roads of the town to the historical secrets of the The red sea Art gallery. You’ll walk past Cairo’s present symbols, like the new Safari House and Freedom Rectangle, the site of many governmental activities during this year’s The red sea Trend. You’ll see road art and graffiti throughout the square, comprising Egyptians’ opinions about the Trend and governmental activities.

From there, your Cairo town journey will take you to the museum, where you’ll return soon enough to the whole globe of the historical Egyptians. Your local information will regale you with experiences of historical The red sea values, as you analyze countless numbers of relics in one of the very best museums in the whole globe.

You’ll see not just selections from the era of the pharaohs, but also relics which range from ancient to Roman times — in fact, there are approximately 120,000 things in complete in the whole museum! Mind-blowing.

Of course, for most, the emphasize of all these uncovered secrets is the funerary relics from Egypt’s most notorious king: the one and only Master Tutankhamun. Get ready to be surprised by fantastic gemstones.

Once you’ve came the places, your Cairo journey will take you for a lunchtime hour of some koshary, one of the most popular recipes in The red sea. You’ll go outside for a Globe vacation and panel a felucca, a standard boating vessel that has been used by the Egyptians for centuries. Talk with the leader to acquire some understanding of his day-to-day work, then return to the landmass to get in touch with modern-day Cairo once again.

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Inclusions: Tour of the museum; museum entry fee; koshary dish; felucca vessel ride

Exclusions: Entrance to the museum’s Mummies Room.


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