Chernobyl Day Tour: Exclusion Zone & Prypriat

Kiev, Ukraine, 02000 (0)
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Where You’ll Go

When a nuclear reactor lost control on 26th April 1982, the entire world would watch as one of the greatest disasters in the history of mankind unfolded. This explosion would release a devastating amount of radiation into the atmosphere and hence, killing many of the population in nearby town of Prypriat. Of course, this event and presence of radiation would require mass evacuation in the region but still affect people for many years to come. Today this region surrounding Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is known as the exclusion zone and in the company of experienced guides, you can safely take a one day tour to Chernobyl into the area including the haunting abandoned town of Prypriat.

What You’ll See

As mentioned, this Chernobyl day tour will travel deep into the exclusion zone so you will see many remnants of the region including a town which is now retaken by a forest, the surroundings of the nuclear plant and also the abandoned city of Prypriat. Please note while some of this day tour to Chernobyl is on foot, there are times when you must be in the vehicle and unallowed to venture away from the group. That being said, this is absolutely one of the most fascinating experiences you are likely to encounter in this lifetime.

When You’ll Go

Departing from near the main train station in Kiev, this day tour to Chernobyl will start at 730am and return to the same point in the city at approximately 830pm.


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