Highland Trekking to Lasta Mountains Day Tour

Where You’ll Go Witness the lively experience of the authentic Ethiopian culture as you hike along one of the unique spots in the world. Explore the deepest parts and fantastic sceneries of the Lasta mountains. This fantastic  Highland Trekking to Lasta Mountain Day Tour welcomes you among the vast fields of exciting culture. The Lasta Mountains above Lalibela […]

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Nature and Wildlife including Debre Libanos Monastery from Addis Ababa

Where You’ll Go Discover Ethiopia’s Orthodox Christian history in the Debre Libanos Monastery. Existing buildings incorporate the cathedral over Tekle Haymanot’s tomb, an ancient cathedral of the Cross and 5 spiritual schools. Holy water containing cave is the entity of pilgrimages. What You’ll See / Experience Experience a 13th-century ancient monastery. Find out vast religious […]

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Wenchi Crater Lake Day Tour from Addis

Where You’ll Go Day tour to Wenchi Crater Lake is a fine selection for enjoying weekend break. This Lake is between Ambo and Weliso outside of Addis Ababa. 3380 meters on top of sea level, this Crater Lake offers hot mineral springs, waterfalls, gorgeous valleys, farmland, died out volcano and an ancient monastery. What You’ll […]

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Entoto Mountain Day Tour from Addis Ababa

Where You’ll Go Escape from the chaotic living of Addis Ababa and enjoy beautiful nature and genuine Ethiopian approach of life. What You’ll See / Experience Enjoy the dazzling sight of Addis Ababa from Entoto Mountains. Visit the ancient and historic Entoto Mariam (St. Mary) Church and Museum. Visit palace of Emperor Menelik whose Empress Taitu […]

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Full Day Tour of Addis Ababa

Where You’ll Go Explore the best Addis Ababa highlights in a day for example National Museum displays ancient fossils, along with models of the renowned old hominid well-known as Lucy, adding with Ethiopian fine art and conventional crafts. The African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) are some global organizations […]

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