Dedza Pottery and Rock Art Day Tours

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Where You’ll Go

This piece of heaven will truly give unforgettable experience for anyone. Dedza Pottery and Rock Art Day Tour will take you to the majestic Dedza Mountain and its ancient rock art by Bushment. You will also witness the delightful Dedza Pottery craft that brings nothing but awe. With an experience truly comparable to nothing, do take our advice. Bring a local guide and reward your eyes with the excellent crafts of nature.

What You’ll See / Experience

The Dedza Pottery Rock Art Day Tour is an exciting place not only for the eyes, spirit, but also to the stomach with its unique delicacies. Interestingly, it is only one of the amazing Malawi day tours that you can find.

Dedza Pottery and Rock Art Day Tour is a half or full day tour in the South of Lilongwe. This trip takes you to the Dedza Mountain looming majestically over the plains and edging the Rift Valley. This visit will include excursion to the foothills of ancient rock arts by late stone age. The next stop will be the Dedz Pottery craft and coffee shop which is popular for its delicious cheesecake on a garden setting.

Having spent the day viewing the ancient rock art, you will have a sumptuous meal at Dedza pottery before heading back to Lilongwe accommodation.

When You’ll Go

This Dedza Pottery and Rock Art Day Tour starts at 8:30 am from any Lilongwe campsite or accommodation.

  • Span: 9 hours
  • Pick up area: Your accommodation (If you are quite a distance from Lilongwe, your guide can organise you to be picked up and start the cycle at the designated area.
  • Pickup time: 8:30am
  • Drop off area: Your accommodation
  • Hotels and lodges in Lilongwe area


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