Farm and Family Day Tour from Nairobi

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Where you’ll go

This Nairobi visit sheds a light on the relationship between cultivating and nourishment. You’ll distribute a supply of chickens and pigs to a neighborhood group and discover how a nearby not for profit organization is reducing poverty and lack of healthy sustenance in Kenya, one chick and piglet at a time.

What you’ll see            

Chicken and pig farming has been appraised by the United Nations and World Health Organization as the best and speedy answer for conquering malnutrition in deprived populations.

On this Nairobi visit, you’ll head to a road side business sector, where you’ll get the opportunity to haggle with the vendors and get the fattest piglets and happiest little chicks to deliver to areas in the region.

With the piglets and chicks in your arms, we’ll venture out up to towns in Kikuyu and Kayole, on the edges of Nairobi. One Horizon Africa focus where local people are in urgent need of a source for food and income.

Once we’ve given over our buys, we’ll have the opportunity to take a seat in a private home and hear their stories, shared over tea and espresso.

100% of your visit expenses will go to the buy and transport of chickens and piglets to the nearby groups we visit.

One Horizon Africa is a non-profit association committed to mitigating neediness in Kenya and South Africa, and holds no religious or political affiliations.

When you’ll go

Pickup time: 9.00 AM

Pickup area: Your hotel (please make certain give us the details when you book your visit).

Drop off area: At your hotel

Length: 4 hours

What’s included

Local English-talking guide, transportation to and from your hotel, limitless water, tea and espresso, light snacks (sandwiches and natural product), photos of you and the gathering (3 to 4 pictures for every individual and gathering).

Visit a road market and deal nearby local people for pigs and chickens

Convey supportable sustenance sources to towns on the edges of Nairobi

Take a seat in a local family’s home for tea and espresso, and learn about life in Kenya

Discover why the UN and WHO agree that chicken and pig cultivating can reduce lack of healthy sustenance in poorer groups

100% of your visit expenses will go to supporting nourishment endeavors in neighborhood groups


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