Uganda Super Safari – 14 Day Tour from Kampala

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Where You’ll Go

View the Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola and Ngamba Island Chimp sanctuary. Enjoy Murchison Falls National Park Game drive and tranquil boat trip beside the Nile to the base of the falls. The banks of the Nile are residence to several species like huge Nile Crocodiles, huge Pods of Hippos, an impressive range of birdlife and other animals that may appear to drink water from the river. Listen to the rolling and thrilling noise of the renowned waterfall as you move toward its pedestal.

Kibale forest National Park is a big secluded block of tropical rain forest which has the maximum quantity of apes (approximately 12 species) in Africa for instance Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Olive Baboon, Blue Monkey, Red Tailed monkey and Red Colobus. Discover beautiful lush green, magnificent Rwenzori mountain range.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second largest park of Uganda that has plentiful game like Gazelle, Uganda Kob, Warthog and Waterbuck. Queen Elizabeth National Park also offers varied wildlife such as lion, giraffe, elephant, hippo and leopard. Bwindi Park is a superb green sheathe of opaque rainforest and lately announced World Heritage Site. Enjoy amazing sights and natural vibes of the forest, ample of exceptional wildlife and spectacular mountain scenery. The views and challenges of hiking Mt.Sabyinyo make it worth for the adventurers.

What You’ll See / Experience      

Since early 1980s, after a phase of national turmoil and profound poaching, Rhinos of Uganda became destroyed. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has now been founded to raise black and white rhino, and bring back Rhino inhabitants in Uganda’s sheltered regions in a later period. In Murchison Falls National Park, observe the procession of Elephants, Hartebeest, Giraffe, Buffalo, and numerous species of Antelope and make an effort to spot a Lion or Leopard comforting in the sunshine.

Experience the beauty of the Nile from the top of Murchison Falls. The falls are fantastic and roaring with a gorgeous rainbow showed on bright days.

The Mgahinga Batwa Trail is an enthralling trek throughout the forest to the Garama Cave, which facilitates to raise alertness and conserves the traditions of the neighboring Pygmy Batwa. Through this trip, the Batwa displays hunting methods; collect honey, make out healing plants and exhibit bamboo cups. Garama Cave was formerly house to the Batwa King. The women of the neighborhood present a grief-stricken song which echoes just about the depths of the gloomy cave, and leaves visitors with an outstanding and touching wisdom of the luxury of this vanishing civilization.

The bird life in the Kibale forest is abundant too and includes the attractive Great Blue Turaco. Explore savannah lowlands and watch banana farms and herds of Ankole livestock well-known for their unbelievably lengthy horns. Climb Kigezi highlands also referred as the “Switzerland of Africa” and enjoy terraced agricultural and mountain landscape. 2-3 hours Bigodi swamp walk guides you through lowland, tiny communities in addition to several stunning landscape, where the locals are possibly to welcome you with wholehearted waves.

Experience game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park and enjoy the wildlife sight and stunning Kazinga Channel from the lodge. Observe species for example Elephants, buffaloes, side stripped jackals, hyena, leopards, Lions, warthogs, Uganda Kobs, Giant forest Hogs. Take a boat journey beside the Kazinga Channel after lunch and watch lots of bathing hippos, elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, and beautiful birds in addition to a range of other creatures. Ishasha is the southern division and attractive expansion of Queen Elizabeth well-known for tree-climbing lions. The climbing lions have learnt to mount the fig trees to run away from the mid-day temperature and if you’re fortunate, you will spot a few tired and lazy lions soothing in the tree branches.

Bwindi Park has nearly 400 Gorillas and dense bushes, vines, other undergrowth and mysterious ambiance makes impenetrable just awesome. The ecstasy of watching these mild and rare giants is an overwhelming and exhilarating incident to be cherished for lifetime.

Hike Sabyinyo Volcano from end to end mud-covered trails frequently on wooden ladders with potentials of inconsistent rain. Search out the attractive sight of Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. The view is on occasion abridged to .10ft reach the peak view get to spot stand in 3- Countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Hike the Mt. Gahinga which offers a moderate trek all the way through the bamboo forest on the lower hills and swampy hollows at the peak. The lower hills are loaded with forest birds and the swamps near the peak are residence to bushbuck, elusive duiker and Golden Monkeys. Hike the Mt. Muhavura which has a hollow lake on peak is the most adventurous highest point in the park.

Second deepest lake in Africa named Lake Bunyonyi or ‘Place of Little Birds’ situated near to the edge with Rwanda, and is considered as one of the most stunning sites in western Uganda. It is a safest swimming place of the country. The islands on the lake are superb for soothing, experiencing water sports and purely submerging yourself in the natural exquisiteness of atmospheres.

When You’ll Go

14-days Uganda Super Safari normally heads off from the hotels of Entebbe Airport. It is suggested to carry rain coat and warm jacket for protection as Bwindi is a rainforest.

What’s include

  • Watch wildlife closely in its natural territory.
  • Souvenir photographs available for purchase.



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