Girl’s Guide to Solo Travelling in Africa




Africa is a mystical continent and being a girl does not make it impossible to travel solo here. People in Africa are one of the most generous and hospitable around the world. The best part of travelling alone is you can easily hang out with them and immerse yourself to their culture.

A lot of backpackers stay at hostels and they link up with each other then travel together for a while. Make sure to keep in contact with them so you can share your moments even when you are at home already. Travelling in Africa will also

  • Increase your independence.
  • Meet more people.
  • Experience more growth and development.

Travelling solo in Africa, you must also be aware of the steps to be sure you enjoy the trip without much hassle. Here are 6 steps to do it:

  1. Choose your destination

With 54 countries to choose from this can be hard. Beginners can start backpacking to Cape Town, South Africa.

  1. Book a ticket

One way tickets give much freedom. Cheap tickets are also available online.

  1. Prepare

Going out of the country, you need to prepare these three important things:

  • You need to get vaccines and medications before going to a country. Bring necessary medications with you as well.
  • Be sure to inform your bank about your travel to avoid cancellation when withdrawals are made from foreign countries. Also, bring more than one credit or debit cards in case there are untoward events. It is also smart to know your international ATM fees or get one who does not have it to avoid spending way too much money with just withdrawals. Make sure the customer service of the bank is also reachable.
  • You may also get someone you trust to one bank account so they can contact the bank for you in case of emergency.
  • Using clothes to keep your money and passport safe with you is also a good idea.
  1. Bring an unlocked cell phone with you

This enables you to buy local sim to make cheap local phone calls within the country. It also helps to easily contact people back home. Some phone applications for calls, text and video calls can also be used when internet connection is available. However, make sure that you download them before going on a trip to save money from paying someone to get it for you.

  1. Begin your stay at backpacker hostel

For instance, when in one of the Kenya day tours, you may opt to stay at backpacker hostels. This will help you meet a lot of people and backpackers in Africa alike. After that it’s nice to branch out and meet more locals and do more off the grid stuff.

  1. Enjoy the ride

Slow down to enjoy every place. You will learn from your mistakes and end up discovering more meaning in your journey. Drift for a while and take all the memories in.


If you want to travel in Africa, let go of your excuses. Go and do a solo backpacking and you will see it is worth it.


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