Google now tells you the best time to Book Flights

Find the best flight deals

Search engine giant Google has just released an incredible tool that helps backpackers find the best flight deals as they happen.

All day every day, the price of airfare keeps changing and this can often be a reason to procrastinate and know actually know the best time to book a flight. Well, now you have a great opportunity to change all of that because Google has released a tool that does exactly that.

Yes, this new flight tool has the capability to predict the best time to buy an airfare so that backpackers can find a better travel deal.

Simply called Google Flights, this handy tool uses predictive information about airfare changes and then notifies you when your flight to Africa has changed. According to reports, these changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks and you can expect another easy way to book online travel pretty soon.

There will also be a Google Flights app and the while concept of this new initiative is to help the traveller with tips on all kinds of flight information including alternative destinations which may be cheap, different dates or historic pricing.

Naturally we love this kind of news, as someone who is trying to bring you an easy way to find day tours in Africa, we will wholeheartedly welcome any other of the best travel app that makes life that little bit easier.

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