Day tours

Arusha Day Tours

How to choose the right tour operator in Arusha

When I first arrived in Africa (2008), the online world had no real impact in terms of online bookings or travel in general. Aside from booking flights to Africa or possibly hotels, everything was to be organized on location. Thing is, finding an operator who offers day tours in a place such as Arusha was […]

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Baby day tour advice

9 Things not to forget when taking a day tour with children

In a time when the world seems to be obsessed with packing light for day tours and getting rid of possessions in general, we can assume that such people have absolutely no idea what it means to travel with children or take day tours with a child, of any age. Yes, it would be truly […]

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About Day Tourz

Book the Sunset Cruise in Zanzibar

As someone who prefers to wake early in the mornings to enjoy the outdoors, I’m not one to advocate a boozy night out. However, I will on the odd occasion make an exception to this rule and one of these is most certainly the incredibly guns and unique sunset cruise on Zanzibar (which is also […]

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